“The Darkness”

A fact-based psychological thriller in the vein of The Orphanage and Jacob’s Ladder.

Soon after her own daughter’s 5th birthday, a young mother (Liz Danner)
starts having disturbing, hyper-real visions of a young girl imprisoned in horribly abusive conditions. The visions begin to dominate Liz’s waking and sleeping life –she’s certain the girl is real and needs help – but no one else can see the mysterious apparition. Her husband becomes convinced Liz poses a danger to herself and others, and demands she seek treatment.

Then the specter starts revealing secrets from Liz’s own murky, forgotten

Despite the risk to her marriage, and her sanity, Liz resolves to follow the
mystery wherever it leads, only to discover a truth far more nightmarish then she could have ever imagined…

In the 1950’s, thousands of impoverished, Canadian orphans were falsely
labeled as “mentally-defective” so the orphanages in which they were housed
could receive federal funding.  Certain of the orphans, those with “special gifts,” were also used as guinea pigs in horrific human experiments – research linked to the CIA’s covert mind-control program, MK ULTRA.

Liz was one of these orphans.  But the details of her early life, and the true
identity of the wretched girl who’s been haunting her dreams, were wiped from
her memory as part of the psychiatric “de-patterning” she was forced to undergo as a child.

Until now.

Liz’s quest to uncover the truth about what happened to her and the
other orphans puts her on a collision course with powerful organizations sworn
to keeping it hidden. And they still wield authority, enough to put her right back where she started: imprisoned against her will in a mental hospital.

But in the end, the voices of these forgotten orphans will not be silenced…